Sports Day 2018



The paint was on the field in a line and it was because we needed to run in your own line. We did the running race first and I tried to run the fastest! (Charlie)



We got into our groups then we raced. We all had three races.

Then the little ones had a go and my little sister came second my sister was trying to run the fastest. (Logan)


On Wednesday it was Sports Day. First we got into our teams.

Next we went to the field. I tried to run my fastest it was fun! (Henry)


Vulcan Class at Rand Farm Park

“I felt excited because I couldn’t wait to see the animals!” (Beau)

On Thursday 24th May 2018 Vulcan Class went to visit Rand Farm Park for our whole school topic ‘What are the ingredients for a beautiful world?’

We had a brilliant time here are some of the photos from our day.

We followed instructions carefully when feeding the animals and made sure we used soap and warm water to wash our hands afterwards.

We gently held the chicks and listened to our Ranger tell us some fascinating facts.

“The chicks were soft and fluffy.” (Luke)

We watched a Rosie the cow being milked then we made some butter and even got to taste it.

After all our activities we went to try out the park it was good fun!

“I liked pretending to drive the tractor round the field.” (Tyler)

Canberra Class

We finally made it! No snow on Thursday so we managed to do our class assembly.

We loved singing our song and playing our instruments.

We have spent a lot of time looking at transport and journeys!

We hope you all liked it.


A busy week in Vulcan Class

Spring is in the air!

Look at what arrived in the classroom this week.

“I feel excited because I can’t wait to see the frog spawn turn into tadpoles.” (Spencer)

” I am looking forward to see how the frog spawn grows.” (Fraser)


All this week we have been taking part in Sports Relief Week’s daily challenges here are some photos. Can you see yourself?


“We have been raising money for Sports Relief by taking part in skipping, hula hooping, dancing and running.” “I enjoyed the running because I won the year 1 race.” (Declan)

“This week I’ve been swimming and I swam 25 metres. I really enjoyed the running race for Sports Relief  with my new friends, we beat Mrs Pearce by lots!” (Presley)

We’ve really enjoyed going swimming and trying our best for swimming badges.

“The best bit was when we got to play in the pool” (Freddie)

” Swimming is fun and it’s good to learn how to swim” (Natalie)



World Book Day 2018

Vulcan Class took part in World Book Day, we really enjoyed dressing up, treasure hunt and sharing our books with some older children.


Look at our costumes, don’t you think we all look great?


Our friends from Spring came to join us, they took part in the treasure hunt and they stayed to play at break time too.



“World Book Day was good because we did a treasure hunt. “(Betsi )

“On book day I like to do treasure hunts and read to the younger children ” (Charlotte yr 5)


“It’s a really good day because we get to dress up and read ” ( Gracie)

“I’m enjoying world book day because it’s exciting to see everyone’s costumes and we get to read lots of different types of books.” (Joseph yr 5)

All of the staff enjoyed taking part too! It was lovely to observe the older children sharing books they love with the younger members of our school family.


Lights, Camera, Action…

With the first performance under our belts, a dress rehearsal to the rest of the school, Canberra and Vulcan are now feeling pretty confident about the big night ahead of us. Our singing voices are primed, our costumes are ready…

It’s that time of year…

Canberra class have been very busy preparing for a special event that will be taking place in December. Without giving too much away, we have been trying on lots of costumes, practising our lines and sprinkling a little bit of sparkle over Bethlehem…..

We have worked very hard, and are looking forward to sharing it with you all. Here is a sneak peak…DSCF3836